Clock Radio Retrofit / 9 Hour Timelapse [Part 3]

After the realizations of part 2, I decided to go in a different direction with this project. The transformer windings which powered the original clock began to disintegrate and I was unable to get it working again. I couldn’t see myself getting much use out of what I was intending on building, and since I was finally able to build working audio amplifiers I wanted something with more power. This will be a short post to catch this project up with where it currently is.

My plan was to create two amplifier channels, a 40v power supply and fit all of it into the radio enclosure to create a stereo audio receiver/amplifier. It took 9 hours for me to complete the initial stereo amp revision. I recorded the build with a webcam and compressed it into a timelapse video that is just under 4 minutes long.

From the start, due to the space constraints of the enclosure, I knew it would be vital to come up with my cooling solution first and then build the rest around it. Initially I went with an all copper cpu heatsink, but eventually realized it was overkill and opted for two smaller aluminum heatsinks. The next hurdle was to mount all of this to the metal chassis.

Mounted the amplifiers to a bit of wood, drilled two holes in it and slid it over the two metal poles attached to the chassis. The transformer was, by far, the most difficult piece to secure. This picture illustrates the initial layout, with the two heatsinks pointing out the rear of the enclosure.

Transformer and power supply mounted, audio outputs attached to speaker connectors on the back panel of the enclosure. I ended up not liking how the heatsinks stuck out the back, so I made a new layout.

This is the current layout that I’m using. Condensed the amplifier circuits a bit and trimmed off the excess pcb. I managed to short one of the TDA2050 ICs sometime during this process and had to do a rebuild on one of the channels.

This project is now caught up to the present. I still need to create a rear panel and a new front plate to mount the controls (and vu meter), but that is essentially it for now! I will make a new and final post once it has been completed.


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