[One-Off] Playstation 3 Controller + Analog Light Meter = ?

This is one of those bodges where no normal person would be able to look at these two different items: A Dualshock PS3 Controller / Analog Ambient Light meter and come up with a flashlight.

I didn’t either. Both of these items were already disassembled and laying around. This came about when I was looking at the light meter’s enclosure and trying to think of something I could make out of it because I liked it’s design.

I was in need of a flashlight. I find using my phone as a light to be too cumbersome, and inefficient. I noticed that a piece of pcb would fit perfectly in the slot at the front of the meter. Wired up some LEDs, took a battery that was from the controller added a switch and voila!

There is a little window on the bottom of the enclosure though, and I wanted to do something with that. I wired up another board of LEDs like the first one, except with red LEDs. Found a 3 position switch and wired it all together. Forward on the switch turns on the white LEDs middle position is off and bottom position is red, for those secretive  night operations.

The battery charges by attaching a cable from the controller’s main board, to a header on the back of the flashlight. Then the mainboard is powered from USB and it charges.

Another neat feature is that the battery is replaceable, so since I have two of the same batteries, I can take a backup if I would need it. Still would have to unscrew the enclosure… and in the dark that might be a bit of a task…


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